Ordinance Description
ORD# 03-20-11 FEMA – Natl Flood Insurance -3.900 Floodplain Damage Prevention
ORD# 03-21-11 Ordering and Providing Notice of a General Election May 14, 2011 and Approving Joint Election Agreement and Contract With Denton County for Election Services
ORD# 03-22-11 Annexation of an area along Union Hill Road into the city
ORD# 04-23-11 Cancel May 2011 Election
ORD# 05-24-11 Rezoning on Union Hill Road “A” to “I-1”
ORD# 06-25-11 Amending Fee Schedule Animal Adoption Fee to $125
ORD# 06-26-11 Beautification Board- Keep Sanger Beautiful (KSB) Revise Sect.9.01
ORD# 08-27-11 Payday Loan Zoning Change permitted in B-2 Zoning
ORD# 08-28-11 AMEND Chapter 14 Sec 25.2 -I-I Zoning – maximum height of 200 feet for radio communication tower-100 feet for all other structures
ORD# 08-29-11 Fire Prevention – Open Burning
ORD# 08-30-11 Special Use Permit – Sno Cone stand
ORD# 09-31-11 Amending Article 1.000, 4.000 and 7.000 fees Utility Related, Park & Rec, Animal Control
ORD# 09-32-11 Adopt 2011/2012 Budget
ORD# 09-33-11 Adopt Ad Valorem Tax Rate 2011/2012
ORD# 09-34-11 Approve 2011 Tax Roll
ORD# 10-35-11 Taxation of Goods in Transit
ORD# 10-36-11 Abandoning a portion of 13th Street
ORD# 11-37-11 Impact Fees
ORD# 11-38-11 Annexing of property west of IH35 and north of Lois Road
ORD# 12-39-11 Zoning “A” to “I-1” I-35 and Belz Road