Ordinance Description
ORD# 01-01-12 High grass and weeds revised maintenance -10 foot easment requirement
ORD# 01-02-12 Occasional Sales (Garage Sales) Article 4.900
ORD# 03-03-12 SUP for Taco Bell
ORD# 03-04-12 Ordering and Providing Notice of a General Election
ORD# 03-05-12 Ordering issuance of general obligation refunding bonds series 2012 & other matters relating thereto - SEE CITY SECRETARY FOR ORDINANCE
ORD# 04-06-12 Reinvestment Zone #2 for Commercial and Industrial Tax Abatement (See Resolution 5-5-12 for Gas Dist Ctr)
ORD# 05-07-12 Canvassing the Results of Votes From General Election
ORD# 06-08-12 Allowing 4A to undertake 4B projects
ORD# 06-09-12 Amending the Multi-Family Districts
ORD# 07-10-12 Amending Speed Limit 12.500
ORD# 08-11-12 Calling a Special Local Option Liquor Election
ORD# 08-12-12 Selling a 2 Foot Encroachment at 310 N. 3rd to Bolivar Water
ORD# 09-13-12 Adopt 2012/2013 Budget
ORD# 09-14-12 Adopt Ad Valorem Tax Rate 2012/2013
ORD# 09-15-12 Adopt 2012 Tax Roll
ORD# 10-16-12 Amending Sign Regulations for Businesses Near Intersection of I-35 & FM 455/Chapman Rd
ORD# 10-17-12 SUP for Mobile Home in Agricultural Dist at 11754 Metz Road
ORD# 10-18-12 Rezoning MF-2 Multi-Fam. Dist. To B-2 Business Dist. Ne corner of 10th and Plum
ORD# 11-19-12 Canvassing the Results of Votes From Special Election Held on 11-06-12