Ordinance Description
ORD# 01-01-13 Amending the Zoning Ordinance to add Liquior Stores
ORD# 02-02-13 Ordering and Providing Notice of a General Election
ORD# 03-03-13 SUP Snow Cone Stand Tract 126 Henry Tierwester Survey(Groc.Store PL)
ORD# 05-04-13 Approving Budget Amendments for FY 2012-2013
ORD# 05-05-13 Canvassing the Results of Votes From General Election
ORD# 05-06-13 Amending Park Ordinance
ORD# 06-07-13 Amending Fee Schedule – Update (Park Fees)
ORD# 06-08-13 SUP Quick Service Food and Beverage Shop at 910 West Chapman - DENIED
ORD# 06-09-13 Rezoning SF-10 to B1 Business District at SWC of 5th ST and Willow St - DENIED
ORD# 06-10-13 Amending Section 3.21 Regulating Exterior Construction of Residential Dwellings Within the Central Core
ORD# 06-11-13 Authorizing the Issuance of Combination Tax & Rev. Certs of Oblig. Series 2013
ORD# 07-12-13 Annexation of Property Tract 51 & 53 Along Union Hill Road FM455 & FM2164
ORD# 07-14-13 Amending Zoning Ordinance to Rezone Prop. @ sw Corner of 5th & Willow - DENIED
ORD# 09-14-13 Granting a SUP to Permit Outside Display & Sales – I-35 Frontage
ORD# 09-15-13 Adopt 2013/2014 Budget
ORD# 09-16-13 Adopt Ad Valorem Tax Rate 2013/2014
ORD# 09-17-13 Adopt 2013 Tax Roll
ORD# 10-18-13 ATMOS Approving a Change in the Rates as a Result of a Settlement
ORD# 10-19-13 SUP for Single Family Detached Dwellings in a Two Family Residential District at 603 S 2nd Street
ORD# 10-20-13 Amending Water and Sewer Rate Increases Effective November 1, 2013
ORD# 11-21-13 Amending Chapter 12, Section 12.603 Parking Prohibited in Certain Places
ORD# 11-22-13 Amending Chapter 6, Section 6.513 Waste From Tree and Shrub Trimming
ORD# 12-23-13 Rezoning PD to B2 400 Blk of S. Stemmons on W side of I-35 Between Bolivar and Duck Creek