Ordinance Description
ORD# 01-01-15 Guidelines for Commercial Filming in the City of Sanger – Establishing a Commercial Filming Application and Permit
ORD# 01-02-15 Changing the name of Branding Iron Drive to Sanger Circle Drive
ORD# 01-03-15 Amending the Zoning Ordinance Section 24 B-3 Central Business District, Architectural Review, Design; Major Projects reviewed by Planning and Zoning Commission and Minor projects approved by Director Development Services
ORD# 02-04-15 Ordinance ordering a General Election to be held jointly with other Denton County Political Subdivisions for the purpose of Electing Three Council Members
ORD# 02-05-15 Ordinance adopting the 2015 City of Sanger Thoroughfare Plan
ORD# 02-06-15 Ordinance providing for a Citywide Garage Sale one (1) Saturday in the Spring
ORD# 03-01-15 Ordinance to Establish a Public Tree Care Ordinances for Trees located upon City owned public property, including streets and right-of-way & Sanger Parks Board as “Tree Advisory Board”
ORD# 05-08-15 An Ordinance Amending the Official Zoning Map to Rezone Approximately 2.0 Acres of Land at the Southwest Corner of Marion Road and Sanger Circle Drive from B-1 Business District to SF Two Family Residential District
ORD# 05-09-15 Canvassing the Results of the Election Held for the Purpose of Electing Candidates to the Office of City Council
ORD# 05-10-15 An Ordinance Abandoning the Right-Of-Way of Windmill Dive South of Sanger Circle Drive
ORD# 06-11-15 Create new Commercial District for Townhome Residential District and add unlisted uses
ORD# 07-12-15 Specific Use Permit for an accessory Dwelling Unit in aqn Agricultural District on property located at 804 North Keaton Road
ORD# 07-13-15 Rezoning on Freese Drive (Apartments) - DENIED
ORD# 09-14-15 Rezone 1 acre of Land at the NWC of 6th ST and FM 455 (901 6th ST) From MF-2 Multi Family Family Residential District to B-1 Business District
ORD# 09-15-15 Rezone 5.14 Acres located approximately 500 feet West of the Intersection of Sanger Circle Drive and Wagon Wheel Drive Amending the boundary between the 2F Duplex Residential District and the SF-10 Single Family Residential District
ORD# 09-16-15 Changing the name of a portion of Sanger Circle to Bridle Path Lane
ORD# 09-17-15 Adopting the Budget providing for the appropriation of funds for operating and capital expenditures for the fiscal year beginning October 1, 2015
ORD# 09-18-15 Levying a Tax Rate for the Fiscal Year 2015-2016
ORD# 09-19-15 Approving the 2015 Tax Rolls and providing an Effective Date
ORD# 10-20-15 Abandoning the Right-of-Way of an Alley Between 3rd Street and 5th Street, South of Austin Street
ORD# 10-21-15 Rezone 220 S. 1st Street from SF-10 Single Family Residential to PD-B-1 Business District
ORD# 10-22-15 Issuing Certificates of Obligation Series 2015
ORD# 11-23-15 Special Speed Zones
ORD# 11-24-15 Health and Sanitation – Place and removal of Containers
ORD# 12-25-15 Ordinance abandoning the Right-of-Way of Wagon Wheel Drive Between Sanger Circle Drive and villas Drive