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Komatsu Architecture and Sanger Public Library Staff Share Photos of Libraries From Around the CountCommunity Survey & Public Informational Meeting

Karl Komatsu and Amy Sibley of Komatsu Architecture presented a public information session on June 20th (pictured to the right) to engage the community and library patrons on the future of the library. They began by showing their recent library projects in Fort Worth and Brenham as a way to start the discussion on library features and the Sanger community. Sanger Public Library staff also shared photos of libraries we've visited or used to show different ways that libraries reflect and engage their local communities.

Sanger Public Library developed and conducted an in-depth community survey from June 28th, 2017 until August 11th, 2017. We received 120 responses: Half of the surveys were completed or turned in at the library and the other half were done online through our website, Facebook page, or emails from the library and Friends of the Library.

Five key questions from the survey are summarized below.

Question 1

Which of the following library services have you used before?

Most patrons have used the library to check out books, audiobooks, and CDs (91%) or attend library programs (67%). About 62% indicated that they have used the library to check out DVDs. Almost half have used the North Texas Library Consortium or Inter-Library Loan to get materials that we do not have in our collection.

Other library services that see large-scale use include library computers (42.5%) and printing/copying (40%). Those with children under 18 indicate a higher level of use for library computers: 50% of those with children under 18 have used computers.

For additional information, see the full breakdown of results (PNG) for this question.

Question 6

How often do you come into Sanger Public Library?

Nearly two-thirds of respondents visit the library on at least a monthly basis. About 25% indicated that they come in weekly. The survey found that having a hectic schedule was the most common reason for someone to come into the library rarely or intermittently. Some indicated that they did not come into the library often because they found it too noisy or loud. There were also several respondents who stated they use another library that is more convenient for them, such as their school/college library or another public library near their work.

For additional information, see the full breakdown of results (PNG) for this question.

Question 9

Do you support building a new library?

Respondents were asked to rate their level of support for a new library after reading a statement that included the following information:

  • Sanger Public Library is only half the size of an average library in towns of similar population
  • We have no more room to grow our collection and programs along with the growing community
  • An expansion would not create enough additional space for current or future needs and would delay the long-term solution of a new library building
  • Expansions/Renovations can cost as much or more than new construction
  • The City of Sanger is working on plans for a new library in 4 to 5 years

Based on those criteria, 60.34% of respondents indicated "I support building a new library," while an additional 18.10% said they were not sure it was needed but are "open to the idea and want to know more." 21.55% indicated "I don't support building a new library."

Those under the age of 40 were heavily in favor of a new library building in the survey: 76.5% indicated they are in favor while another 17.5% said they were not sure but wanted to know more. Only 6% of those under 40 said they did not support a new library building.

For additional information, see the full breakdown of results (PNG) for this question.

Question 10

Where do you wish a new library to be located?

Survey respondents were asked to rank their preference for the location of a future Sanger Public Library. The options were:

  • East of downtown towards Sanger High School and newer residential areas
  • A downtown location
  • West of downtown, towards Chisholm Trail Elementary School

The information presented in this question included:

  • A site has not yet been selected for a new library
  • There are many considerations that must be made concerning the future location of the library

The overall preference of survey respondents was that the future Sanger Public Library remain at its present site or at least in a downtown location. The overall second choice of respondents was for east of downtown, near the high school.

This preference for a downtown location is very strong with survey respondents over the age of 40: more than 80% prefer a downtown location. However, survey respondents under 40 are far less committed to the downtown location. This demographic cast more first-place votes for areas to the east and west near the elementary or high schools. This is an important consideration due to the influx of young families into the area. The majority of Sanger Public Library cardholders are under the age of 40 and the median age of the Sanger population is now 30.

For additional information, see the full breakdown of results (PNG) for this question.

Question 11

What features would you like to see in a future Sanger Public Library?

The two highest voted options were "More room for Books/Audio/Video" and a "Dedicated Children's Area." Respondents were also very supportive of additional seating areas and study rooms that would be available to individuals or small groups.

The full list of options and their voting are listed below - there were 109 responses to this question:

  • 69.72% - More room for books/audio/video
  • 62.39% - Dedicated children's area
  • 53.21% - A multipurpose room
  • 48.62% - Easily reservable community space
  • 44.95% - Quiet space for reading/study
  • 42.20% - More comfortable seating
  • 41.28% - More computers for public use
  • 38.53% - Dedicated teen area
  • 37.61% - Space available after hours
  • 36.70% - Small study rooms (for 2 to 3 people)
  • 35.78% - Cafe or Coffee Shop
  • 34.86% - Multiple large meeting rooms
  • 34.86% - More study seating (tables/chairs)
  • 33.94% - Areas to use your computer
  • 33.94% - MakerSpace
  • 32.11% - Local History/Genealogy area
  • 26.61% - Outdoor play space for children
  • 25.69% - Outdoor reading areas
  • 23.85% - Space for cooking demonstrations
  • 22.02% - Medium study rooms (up to 6 people)
  • 21.10% - community gardening space
  • 20.18% - ESL and language learning programs
  • 15.60% - More Magazines and Newspapers
  • 10.09% - Expanded Spanish/Bilingual collection
  • 8.26% - Other

For additional information, see the full breakdown of results (PNG) for this question.

Community Survey Excerpt

View an excerpt from the Community Survey (PDF). The complete document is available upon request from the library.