Public Notices

The City of Sanger will receive sealed responses until 12:00 P.M., JUNE 6, 2023, for Citywide Broadband Coverage Enhancement. Sealed responses must be addressed to the City Manager, City of Sanger, 502 Elm Street, Sanger, Texas 76266. No electronic responses will be accepted. Sealed responses must be in the office of the City Secretary on or before 12:00 P.M., JUNE 6, 2023, in an envelope plainly marked “Response to RFP-2023-04 – Broadband Expansion”. Responses will be opened by the City Secretary at 2:00 P.M., JUNE 6, 2023, at City Hall, 502 Elm Street, Sanger, TX 76266. The City of Sanger shall evaluate the responses based on all factors described herein. The City of Sanger reserves the right to refuse and reject any or all responses, waive any or all formalities or technicalities, and accept the response or portions of the response determined to be of the best value to the City of Sanger. Following applicable local, state, and federal procurement regulations, the Contract will be awarded to the Respondent who provides the best value to the City of Sanger. 

Download the RFP here.


The City of Sanger (hereinafter referred to as the “City”) is requesting proposals from qualified brokers and/or consultants to provide professional services related to our fully insured employee benefits package offering. This includes but is not limited to, services relating to health (including prescription plans), dental, vision, group life/AD&D, long and short-term disability, EAP programs, ACA reporting, COBRA compliance, and other benefits. Services to the City should include compliance, cost analysis, savings, strategic planning, and any other services that may be suggested to benefit the City and the current benefit package offerings. The City is seeking a consultant and broker that is experienced in the benefits market, advising at all levels of staff and management in municipalities, and providing the best value.  All questions should be directed to

Download the RFP here.



NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the City Council of the City of Sanger, Texas (the “City”) will hold a meeting at its regular meeting place at the Historic Church Building, 403 N. 7th Street, Sanger, Texas at 7:00 p.m. on the 17th day of July, 2023, which is the time and place tentatively set for the passage of an ordinance and such other action as may be deemed necessary to authorize the issuance of the City’s certificates of obligation in two series (Series 2023B and Taxable Series 2023C), payable from an annual ad valorem taxation, as well as a limited (in an amount not to exceed $1,000) pledge of certain revenues of the water and sewer system, in the maximum aggregate principal amount of $6,000,000 for Series 2023B and $11,000,000 for Series 2023C, bearing interest at any rate or rates not to exceed the maximum interest rate now or hereafter authorized by law, as shall be determined within the discretion of the City Council at the time of issuance and maturing over a period of years not to exceed forty (40) years from the date thereof, for the purpose of evidencing the indebtedness of the City (1) to finance the purchase of approximately 450 acres of land situated northeast of Rector Road and southeast of the City, (2) to finance water, wastewater, and electric system improvements, and (3) to pay for professional services pursuant to Subchapter C of Chapter 271, Texas Local Government Code, as amended. The estimated combined principal and interest required to pay the Certificates on time and in full is $11,429,390 for Series 2023B and $24,354,053 for Series 2023C. Such estimate is provided for illustrative purposes only and is based on an assumed interest rate of 4.25% for Series 2023B and 6.00% for Series 2023C. Market conditions affecting interest rates vary based on a number of factors beyond the control of the City, and the City cannot and does not guarantee a particular interest rate associated with the Certificates. As of the date of this Notice, the aggregate principal amount of public securities of the City secured by and payable from ad valorem taxes (excluding public securities secured by an ad valorem tax but designated by the City as self-supporting) is $34,997,400 and based on the City’s expectations, as of the date of this Notice the combined principal and interest required to pay all of the outstanding tax-supported debt obligations of the City secured by and payable from ad valorem taxes (excluding public securities secured by an ad valorem tax but designated by the City as self-supporting) on time and in full is $7,493,317.  City Secretary, City of Sanger, Texas